Ranguin quarter

Cannes France 2012
Wilmotte & Associés - Ranguin quarter

Technical specifications



Architect : Wilmotte & Associés SA

Hypermarché Leclerc
A.Boutet, D.Desforges, APAVE,
ASSI COOR, Eau et Perspectives,
Influa, SEI Etude et Ingénierie, Francis
Fontanez, Groupement Vigina et
Méditerranée, CARI

Area : 16 200 m²


Programme :
Construction of a Leclerc shopping centre and residential units.

Description :
This project proposes the creation of a real centre for living, open to the outside and offering all the services the occupants could possibly desire. More than a commercial centre, it is the heart of a revitalisation strategy to enrich and energise this enormous urban space. In numbers, the project will extend across more than 16,000 m² with 470 parking places, 3,500 m² retail, 20 shops, 1,000 m² of offices, and 55 residential units. Locating the hypermarket at the centre of the site allowed us to create glass facades on the outside for convenience stores. The facades are conceived of as a series in the landscape.
At the heart of the major communication axes, this project helps revitalise the pedestrian zone and diminish the impact of the automobile. The shopping centre car park was placed below grade and an exterior east-west pedestrian axis was created to facilitate connections with the new La Frayère Station. The east-west flow and permeability of the project will be part of the district's new energised persona.
To augment the natural landscape in anticipation of the upcoming de la Frayère garden designed by the City of Cannes, the hypermarket roof will be treated as an important place where vegetation predominates. The private gardens at the residential units and planted pergolas on the roof make these places really special. The outdoor courtyard with palm trees, the vegetated facade, and the hackberry rows along Boulevard Victor Hugo are an extension of the city's green spaces. All these share the goal of creating a human-orientated work of architecture, which participates in the revitalisation and energising of the district.

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