Reconversion of the old Lizé barracks

Montigny-les-Metz France 2025
Wilmotte & Associés - Reconversion of the old Lizé barracks

Technical specifications

Ville de Montigny-lès-Metz

Eiffage Aménagement / CM-CIC
Aménagement Foncier / Demathieu et Bard Immobilier

Eiffage Immobilier / Demathieu et Bard / Claude Rizzon / Habiter Promotion

Project management team
Architect : Wilmotte & Associés
Landscape : Land’Art
BET VRD : Lollier Ingénierie
BET environnemental : Solares Bauen

Energetic ambition
Agenda 21
Label éco quartier
NF Habitat HQE

9,2 ha

Contest launch: June 2017
Designation of the winner: 31/01/2018
Project development between 2020 and 2025

Reconversion the Lizé barracks now closed, into a new district open and connected with the entire city.
The project suggests to enhance the heritage of the past, following the concept of contemporary graft. A strategy of reconversion of the existing heritage in synergy with contemporary architecture.


Montigny-lès-Metz aspires to be a model of a sustainable city, capable of placing the Lizé district at the heart of the metropolitan network. The redevelopment of the site will
create an essential link between the two major sectors of the city, Montigny-bas and Montigny-haut, and give birth to a new heart of the city

The project is developed around 4 strategic axes:

1. Save and reinvent the existing
• Conservation + rehabilitation of almost all of the existing buildings along rue du Général Franiatte.
• Preservation of remarkable and unique buildings at the heart of the site.

2. Towards a new urban ecology
• Constitute a city model that promotes social and cultural practices, and offers a high quality of life to its residents.
• Provide the most complete living environment as possible, which meets the needs of a diverse population in connection with its natural and urban environment. One of the main challenges in planning the new district is to open it up and open it up to its surroundings.
• Create a real space for exchange between the new district and its context.
• Four plots, each with different characteristics, act as gateways to this new neighborhood.
• Creation of a frame of secondary routes dedicated to soft traffic.

3. A new centrality: strengthening and diversifying the attractiveness of the site
• Offer residents new places to live, meet, relax, hang out and share.
Creation of a large landscaped area of ​​1.2 ha.
• 1,600 m² of shops installed in new constructions and in existing buildings.

4. Foster social and generational diversity
• Create an open neighborhood model to promote meetings and exchanges between generations.
• 630 dwellings divided into different typologies: grouped individual houses, social rental housing, housing rehabilitated for home and social rental, intergenerational residence, senior residence.

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