Top of the range kitchen appliances La Cornue

Cergy-Pontoise France 2012
Wilmotte & Associés - Top of the range kitchen appliances La Cornue

Technical specifications

Client : La Cornue

Designer : Wilmotte & Industries SAS


La Cornue W was born from two men’s conversation as they sat around a large table, and resulted in a search for culinary perfection combined with a deep understanding of heritage.
Wilmotte & Industries SAS took on La Cornue's basic pieces and reinterpreted them in their own creative style. As such, the W line retains all the traditional markers of the brand: As such, the W line retains all the traditional markers of the brand: the tea-towel rail, the buttons and interface particular to the hob, the spaciousness of the stove (150 cm), and the legendary 'vault' oven. Everything has been designed with the art of French living, so integral to the brand, in mind, yet combined with a radically modern aesthetic unique to the style of Jean-Michel Wilmotte.
The W line, developed in Jean-Michel Wilmotte’s studio at Wilmotte & Industries SAS, borrows from the architect’s iconic style: blacks and browns, the force and quality of the materials, grooves, and visible screws. True to the style of Wilmotte & Industries SAS, the W line furniture line comprises individual, unique pieces, which unabashedly break away from concept of a fitted kitchen; not an oven but a cooking stove with slender legs. This quest for lightness and elegance nods towards the revolutionary models that André Dupy, star of the Arts Ménagers showroom for thirty years, brought to the fore in the 1960s to help women forget that they were cooking. His line, named la Cornulyre, featured tapered legs more akin to the dressing tables or living room hi-fis these ladies owned than new models of kitchen equipment. Today, La Cornue realigns with this bold style as it offers a range of kitchen appliances whose function is disguised in the form of furniture; thus, the cooking range becomes a table, and the oven a wardrobe. La Cornue W ovens, similar to W tables, are individually made to order in France by the Compagnons La Cornue.

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